Tiny delivery car with two coffee cups, biscuits and $10 bill spotted in Floreat, Perth, WA

Coffee addict locked down in Perth straps a speaker and $10 note to a remote control truck and carts two brews from the local shop back home

  • Perth resident spotted two coffees and a tenner riding in a cart through streets
  • The beverages were spotted travelling through the inner-city suburb of Floreat 
  • Passerbys wore masks and people on social media debated the delivery method 

A coffee addict has devised an ingenious way to get their caffeine fix while stuck in isolation during Perth’s lockdown.

Unable or unwilling to leave their home for the local café, they strapped a speaker and $10 note to a remote control truck and set it rolling.

The contraption was seen trundling down the main street of Floreat, in Perth’s central western suburbs, on Monday.

Two coffee cups with tiny biscuits perched on top of them were sitting in the little truck’s tray as it made its way home through lively foot traffic.  

The solar-powered truck even had a flag sticking out of it to warn passersby who appeared unfazed by the mini delivery vehicle. 

Some social media users imagined the coffees spilling onto the sidewalk or being taken by dogs, but others called the idea ‘genius.’ 

‘That thing asking to be punted, hard,’ one person said. 

Others called the idea ‘genius’ and pondered getting their own.

‘You could do the morning coffee run from bed,’ a follower remarked. 

‘I would 100% do this for a coffee or a pint,’ another claimed.  

A resident in Perth have been amused to see two coffees in takeaway cups with small biscuits riding in a cart with a ten dollar note

Millions of Western Australians were plunged into lockdown after two cases of coronavirus were recorded on Friday.

From midnight residents in the Perth and Peel region were locked down which ended on Monday, although masks remain compulsory.

Pubs and restaurants were only able to supply take away food and residents could only leave home for essential reasons such as exercise and medical care, exercising with one other person for up to an hour, or attending work. 

The lockdown ended on Tuesday with cafes, restaurants, and other businesses allowed to open with strict patron limits. 


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