This affordable Amazon essential oil diffuser helps with sleep and creates a sense of calm

Nearly 2,000 Amazon shoppers swear by this affordable essential oil diffuser to help make homes smell gorgeous AND assist with sleep

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Filling the room with a spa-like scent, an essential oil diffuser works to create a relaxing atmosphere, lifting your mood and helping you to feel calmer. 

A brilliant working from home and bedside companion, it can help you stay calm and focused, not to mention help your house smell incredible. 

Hundreds of Amazon shoppers have found a winner in the VicTsing 150ml Diffuser Humidifier. Doubling up as a cosy nightlight with eight colour changes, it’s also whisper quiet and now on sale for just £16.22.

The popular VicTsing 150ml Diffuser Humidifier is now on sale for £16.22 on Amazon 

Many Amazon shoppers have found comfort in the affordable £16.22 VicTsing 150ml Diffuser Humidifier, describing it as an effective way to create a comforting, relaxing ambience, and even helping them nod off at night. 

In fact, this product has scored a near-perfect average score of 4.6 out of 5 on Amazon, with customers calling it ‘hypnotic’ and ‘therapeutic’, raving about how the ‘entire house now smells fantastic’. 

The VicTsing diffuser works by using ultrasonic pulses to blend water and essential oil before releasing them as a fine gentle mist.

This gently scented, purified moist air not only helps to fill the room with your chosen fragrance, but users say it can help you feel more relaxed and calm. Many shoppers have also reported less congestion – so it’s great to put on when you have a cold. 

The diffuser has time settings to work for four to six hours in high mist and five to nine hours in low mist mode. Better yet, it can also double up as a cosy nightlight thanks to the eight colour settings – you can put them on a cycle mode or pick the colour you want according to your mood. 

The diffuser comes with eight soothing mood changing colours, so it could act as a relaxing nightlight

You can use the lightweight and portable diffuser in any room

Close to 2,000 shoppers have left rave reviews for the oil diffuser, claiming it elevates mood, helps you breathe easier and creates a gorgeous smelling room 

At 150ml, the VicTsing diffuser is relatively small in size as some diffusers can go up to 500ml, but it’s a great option for those who are looking for a discreet option that will blend into their home.

One delighted shopper left a glowing five-star review, describing how the diffuser has even benefitted their sleep. They wrote: ‘This is my first diffuser, and I just love it. Really simple to use and clean. Smells incredible and is never an overpowering scent, just nice and light and fresh.

‘I’ve been using it at night on sleep mode (no lights and reduced mist), and after a couple of days I noticed a huge improvement in how quickly I fell asleep (using a lavender/frankincense oil combo). Over winter, I usually get a very dry nose/throat in the mornings, but that has stopped now I use it on my bedside table.’

Another reviewer added: ‘Have been using it for 2 weeks now, and I love it. I turn the blue light on: very soothing. Very easy to use and almost no noise at all. I am using it with 5 drops of lavender essential oil, and I have been sleeping much better since. Hope it lasts!’.


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