British Gas promises to do better over Homecare appointments fiasco  

British Gas promises to do more to help vulnerable customers trying to book Homecare appointments

British Gas has said it will do more to help customers with its HomeCare service 

British Gas has pledged to do more to help vulnerable customers after Money Mail sent it a dossier of nearly 100 complaints.

Our postbag has been inundated with letters and emails from readers unhappy with the energy giant’s HomeCare service. 

Policyholders say they were unable to get appointments for repairs in good time, despite spending hundreds on boiler cover plans. 

Last week we forwarded their messages to British Gas boss Chris O’Shea. 

The firm is concerned about how it treated some vulnerable readers and is exploring why this happened to ensure the same mistakes are not made again.

A spokesman says: ‘We’ve prioritised vulnerable customers and emergencies during this difficult time and are getting to 97 per cent of these types of customers within 24 hours.’

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